Saturday, December 1, 2012

10 best comics of all time

before we get to the nitty gritty lets first answer this question. If the house was on fire which 10 comics would you grab on the way out.

top best reads
Fantastic Four 51  a great story about a lonely outcast, who finds away to change places with the thing, ( not even going to try to explain the science involved)he becomes the Thing, while Ben Grim reverts to his original form. But the villain becomes the hero when he gives up his life to save Reeds life.
Marvels 2-4  simply the best ever, you go along nearly 22 years into collecting comics, you grow up collecting and then something amazing comes along. Alex Ross came like a bolt out of the blue, the best artist in the history of comics….hands down
X-men 141… another bolt out of the blue, Chris Claremont was the great writer who proved that great writing could still be found in comics, and John Byrne was the artist, and they resurrected the comic business …thats all…and this book was thier last great gift to the fans.
the Dark knight returns by Frank Miller.  Changed the comic book industry , thats how powerful this comic was. Just amazing. What Nolan did to the movies with his 3 batman movies, Mller did to comics with his 4 books. all 4 books are amazing , but i will get to them in more depth in the future. The question is …..did he change comics for the better…because comics moved to the dark side
Preacher, for a long time this nutty comic series by the warped mind of Garth Ennis was my favorite, and if i had to pick one issue or Arc of issues it was " all in the family "and man what a fucked up family, from Grand Ma on down …sheesh. Just great writing.
  there are so many great comics..but these are my fireman specials. what would be the 10 you would grab

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