Saturday, December 1, 2012

how much is the character Batman worth

Talk about intellectual property. When Bob Kane and Bill Fingers created Batman in may 1939 could they ever imagine a day when that character would be worth a Billion dollars

 when you think about it a character like Batman may be worth a Billion dollars if not more. Thanks to their popularity in movies. But this movies would have been nothing but Junk without the Batman character first created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, made more popular by a TV show in the 1960s, then redefined by artists like Neal Adams and Marshall Rogers and a writer like Dennis O'neil and then probably the biggest of all interpretations in Frank Millers Dark Knight which created a personal dialogue that made the character darker and almost bit unhinged, followed by many great stories and creators, But it is the great character itself, The Billionaire made Orphan on one horrible night, his mother and father dead, the pearl Necklace, and then his menagerie of adversaries..most important of all…his arch nemeses The Joker.
   It has become a privilege to write or draw Batman, and anybody who does it knows they are tinkering with history
  Comic characters and movies were always a perfect fit, we were just all waiting for the technology to meet up with the vision.
  and of course the right men with vision, who could turn the whole thing into art

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