Sunday, December 2, 2012

Howard Chaykin's Midnight Men

one of the things about collecting so many comics from so many year,and collecting them by art, is you get something happen like this….i find this comic from 1993, part of Marvels Epic line, Howard Chaykins Midnight Men, I read issue 1 then i'm stuck. Did i collect the whole series, don't know…so i have no idea what happens next.
   The story is fairly simple, a sharp jewel theif, with a heart of Gold, somehow gets involved with a scumbag who likes to beat up his girlfriend and has no problem killing people..the jewel robbery goes awry when a super hero similar to Batman crashes the scene….as it turn out its not the guy but the guy the guy trained to take his place…the DarkAngel is killed trying to save our hero…and the original DarkAngel decides to train our man, having seen something in him that he likes.
   I guess i can figure out what happens next, we have our villain, our Hero, the old hero who trains the new, all we need is the love interest and something for all them to fight for.
  Knowing Chaykin our hero will prevail in the end, though things will probably get messy…though i would love tp know what really happens

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